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After reading the blogpost about BEC (Blog English Club) on bang dani’s blog, I am very excited to join their club. So, I could learn. how to write English properly. In this club is all about challenging our self to post in english. And you just make an english post as a theme once a week on friday‘s.

The Purpose of this club created is to learn english together, if there is something wrong about the my grammar we can DO correction together. If you want to join BEC you just contact bang dani, and you will be added to their group on Whatsapp. And you can chit chatting in english and also know the theme to make a blogpost every Friday. And this is my first post in english post to prove that i am really want to join on their club, and this post must be posted on Friday 9 january 2015.

The theme for this week is about What is your word for 2015”.

My word for 2015 is ACT, yes “act” . On In 2015 i just wanted to prove that i could can. So, what should i do is just act. Action to reach my dream, have been many years i just dreaming or i called NATO (No Action, Talk Only). And this time I will implement all plans have been made to make it happen. And i will make a wonderfull years.

So this is my first post in english, please correct me if i‘m wrong about my grammar. So, i can learn and fix my mistakes. Tengkyu very much, see ya


Setelah di koreksi para mentor dari grup BEC ternyata lumayan banyak yang salah dari postingan bahasa inggris gw diatas. Tulisan diatas sudah gw sunting, jadi kata yang gw coret adalah tulisan gw yang sebelumnya yang seharusnya tidak gw pakai, sedangkan yang bercetak tebal adalah yang tadinya belom gw tulis padahal seharusnya ditulis.

Dan poin-poin yang harus gw ingat dari mentor mba eva adalah berikut ini

  • KISS  : keep it simple, stupid
  • Capitalisation
  • Make sure you have the right form of sentence (subject + verb + object etc)
  • Never mind about teh tenses first because you will learn those eventually as you go along
  • Don’t try to write complex sentences in english if you can’t
  • Rephrase it. Break into simpler one
  • Try not to translate sentences in indonesian into English directly. It won’t work
  • Keep sentences short but still make sense
  • Just keep writing, you will get better at it

Belajar banyak banget gw hari ini, terima kasih buat para admin grup BEC yang sudah membuat grup keren ini. Jadi, gw bisa belajar bahasa inggris gratis lagi. Dan juga para mentor yang telah banyak memberikan pelajaran secara gratis. I love this grup so much.

34 thoughts on “My Word for 2015 (BEC)

  1. A very nice one Fer! Act, a very strong word for this year! May this year will be great for you and all actionable plan comes to a good result.
    We can discuss about the grammar in the group chat 🙂

  2. Hi Fer. U really on fire. Or just like what you said. ACT.
    Most of us (including myself) is NATO. That’s the truth.

    As mentioned by Dani, grammar and everything… Group whatsapp. Welcome to d club.

  3. Wow somebody has already written a post about this while the deadline is on 9 January. You are really on fire, Mas. I must write one soon.
    Hi anyway Mas Ferdi, I’m also from BEC but sadly didnt get much time to join the conversation in the whatsapp group. Hiks. Nice to know you.

  4. Wow you are early! Love the word “Act”. Hope you can get whatever you are fighting to act for 🙂 I’m still thinking a word for mine over here *hibernate* xDD

  5. Hi, Feeeer.. This is my first comment here. 😀

    Well.. You did it! Most people have a lot of dreams, but never act. Maybe it caused too afraid, like me. Huhuhu.. Ah. You’re inspiring me. 😛

  6. It’s always easier to put things on the back burner and I am guilty of that too. In short, JUST DO IT. Well you are a do-er already. Kudos Ferdy!

  7. i love the word “ACT” it actually means we need to take some steps this year :D. Reminds me of the urgency of taking some bold steps this year too

  8. Hi Ferdy,

    Act now don’t delay reaching your dreams. I love this. I wish you luck executing it this year.

    Now responding as a BEC member I would like to point out that in English you need to write I with capital letter.

    This sentence On 2015 i just wanted to prove that i could. should be IN 2015 i just WANT to prove that i CAN.. It is because wanted and could are past tense form while the year 2015 is now, the present.

    Good luck!

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  10. Act, just act! You have chosen a very powerful word, Mas Ferdy 🙂 no need to daydream, no more talking too much, just use the energy to execute the plan 🙂

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