EF#2 My Wildest Dream


Today is Friday. As spesified that every Friday we must write post in english, we call it English Friday. Last week we just wrote about “your word for 2015”. And now the theme is Wildest Dream. What is your wildest dream?

My wildest dream is… never thought about that ‘til now :mrgreen: . Maybe because i’m to busy chassing the world. But when i’m writing this post, it just came up. And my wildest dream is….. married with my idol and live in California America.

My idol is Teresa Palmer. The first time i’m falling in love with her when i ‘m watching the movie “I’m Number 4”. I think she is very beautiful and so hot. I love her character in this movie, she look so cool and hot in the same time. In the next movie “Warm Bodies” she so beauifull with her blue eyes. And she looks like Kristen Stewart but i think kristen stewart not so hot as Teresa Palmer. So, i prefer teresa palmer.

Cause i know my wildest dream never come true. So, the backup of my wildest dream is married with an American and live in California USA. Why i choose California? Because in there my favorit band come from. My favorit band is Linkin Park so i can meet with them.

Thats it my wildest dream. And i think never come true because i can’t speak english very well. I hope someday will come true. Amin.

21 thoughts on “EF#2 My Wildest Dream

  1. Ooo. You want to go to California Fer?

    Btw: married with my idols
    Mean that you want to marry all? More than one idol?

  2. Why am I so clueless and not know who Theresa Palmer is??!!! Sorry Fer 🙏
    Btw, stop undermining yourself. I can understand you just fine and I dont think it will hinder you from marrying an American 😄. It might work the other way around.

  3. I am sorry because I do not know who she is :’| still, living in California sounds good.
    I agree with Mba Mikan. So, never give up! 🙂

  4. I really love linkin park too when I was in senior high school. Numb is my favorite one.

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