EF#3 How Gadgets Affect Your Life


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Today is third friday in january to write post in english. Which is the first week the theme is “Your Word for 2015“. And the second is “wildest Dream“. And then today the theme is “How Gadgets Affect Your Life”.

It seems electronic gadgets exist for every facet of life, from entertainment to education, from work to play, and that may be because they do exist for all facets of life. Entertainment gadgets include mp3 players, book e-readers, portable movie players, cell phones, and digital cameras. Gadgets for work include cell phones, portable computers and tablets, digital watches, and many more.

I think gadgets very important for me. With gadget I can do everything, work, entertainment, searching, browsing and many more. In the modern age I think gadgets seem to be available to suit any need. So, without gadgets I think make my life harder.

Please corrects my grammar mistakes. Thanks you very much.

9 thoughts on “EF#3 How Gadgets Affect Your Life

  1. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb, Ferdy…. gadget menjadi keperluan dan kehendak kepada sesiapa sahaja di zaman mutakhir ini. Sukar juga meninggalkan gadget kerana sudah biasa memilikinya. Salam sejahtera dari Sarikei, Sarawak.

  2. Ferdy I think you are trying to avoid this week’s challenge 😝. I’ve always admired your commitment to EF posting but perhaps this time you are too busy. It’s great that you are trying to avoid mistakes by writing simpler and shorter and you are now writing I with capital letters 😊. As requested: I think gadgets are very important to me. With them I can do a lot of things…In this modern age, I think gadgets can suit any needs, sp without the, I think my life will be harder.
    Please correct my grammar mistakes.


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  4. The simple one and nice post. Kyknya ada typo dikit di paragraf terakhir, (… i can do everything…), i-nya seharusnya pake yg kapital… if you don’t mind. Semangat broh…

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