EF#4 Tool I Wanted From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

Doraemon's magic pocket

Silahkan minta satu permintaan.

Oh my, this is Friday. Seriously? It seems Friday comes to fast since I join @BlogEnglishClub. That’s make me like pursued by my own shadow. So scary.

The theme for this week is Grab a Tool from Doraemon’s magic Pocket. So, we can take anything we want from Doraemon’s magic pocket. But, you must follow this rules.

  1. We can take anything we want. Not just like in the movie.
  2. Cannot take time travel
  3. And cannot take the pocket itself

So, what kind of tool I want from Doraemon’s magic pocket? There is no tool I want from Doraemon’s magic pocket. All I wanted just Someone who love me wholeheartedly. She’s pretty, hot, good cooking, can massage my body, multitalented hehehe LoL.

Focus Fer Focus. In this challenge you must grab a tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket not like you said before.

So, a Tool I want from doraemon’s magic pocket is Green Lantern’s Ring. Yes, Green Lantern’s Ring. So, with green Lantern’s ring i could be a superhero. Who always saving earth especially you from the evil.

Why I choose Green Lantern’s ring? Because when I was little I always dream, if I grow up I will become a superhero who always saving people. Help the weak and established the truth.

With the power what i have so I can protect someone I love. And I can looking for girlfriend easier LOL *laugh evil.

This post very weird hehe

Source img: devianart.com

30 thoughts on “EF#4 Tool I Wanted From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

  1. Hahaha. Good catch. We didn’t limit what kind of tool you can gwt and definitely a Green Lantern ring will work just fine. Thanks Fer.

  2. LOL. The idea is different, I’d give you that. I am intrigued though on your heavy focus on finding your significant other :-D. As always, I look forward to your next post. Let’s try to up the game a little bit and take it a notch. What do you say Fer?

    • when I make this post I don’t have any idea mba. So, this post become so weird hehe. I just realize when I’m finishing it. *bener kaga saya ngomong ya*

      I don’t understand mba hehe
      maksudnya selalu buat post baru ya mba?

      • When I wrote this post, I didn’t have any idea. So it became so weird. I just realized when I finished writing it. Menceritakan dlm past tense ya dan remember pronoun usage.
        Iya aku bilang aku nantikan posting-an berikutnya. Mari kita naikkan levelnya Fer 🙂

  3. Hi Fer, so sorry. Just read your challenge post now. Hahaha
    I love the idea of the women #ehh sorry, I mean the green lantern ring. Perhaps Doraemon can provide it also.

    What kind of superhero would you want to be Fer, let’s say that if Doraemon can’t help you on the ring?

      • Hahahaha. at least you know what you want. hahaha.

        Btw Fer, I like you spirit joining BEC. Keep it on fire. Okay? Can’t wait to read your next post.

      • My pleasure Fer. But actually, it is me who need to thank you and all members. Your enthusiasm makes me realize that what we (admins) did is something good and that’s keeping our spirit high.

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  5. Jiehehehe, bener juga ya…. Goalnya itu jangka panjang sekali. Sekali mendayung, dua tiga pulau terlampauilah. Mungkin bisa saya pinjam green lantern ringnya 😀

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