One Month already BEC group. On the last challenge “Grab a Tool From Doraemon’s Pocket”Now, on the fifth week the theme for the challenge is What is BEC to you“?

Beforehand, for someone who doesn’t know what is BEC? BEC (Blog English Club) is a group about learning english . This group established by Bang Dani, Mas Ryan, and Mba Nita. They are founders this amazing group.

At first, I’m to afraid to join this group, because I forgot anything about grammar english. And then I’m thinking, if not now,  when? Finally after I read post about BEC on bang Dani’s blog I decides to join their group and finished their challenge at the same day. Actually their challenge must be submit on Friday 9 January 2015, but I’m submited the challenge on Monday 5 January 2015. So excited, huh.

So, The theme for this week is “What is BEC to you?”.

I think BEC is so mean to me, so many things that i’ve got from this group. What I’ve got? there is it.

  1. Motivated me to learn english agaian.
  2. Bring progress for this blog. Because I so rarely written a post, and I never written post for six month.
  3. Got new friends from across Indonesia,
  4. My cellphone always ringing. So this is good for jomblo LoL

Critism and feedback for this group I guess nothing. Because our admins is good enough to fasilitate us to learn english. They working so hard for improvements for this group.

And now their want to make event gathering BEC group. So all members can meet up and know each other.

I love this group, muuuuaaachhh