[EF#6] Who Is Your Alter Ego?

alter ego batman

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Whhoooaaa … I was so confused about BEC challenge this week. The theme for challenge this week is “Alter ego”. So, who is your alter ego?

‘Til now, I don’t know what i’m gonna do. Because I don’t know my alter ego. And then I’m looking for information on google. And I found this website, a website about quiz “who is your alter ego?’’. After I’m finished the quiz, finnaly I know my alter ego. My alter ego is…

BATMAN. Yeah I’am batman.

The ultimate symbol of vigilante justice, You are vengeance – You are the night – You – Are – BATMAN! We’re not exactly sure if you’re a millionaire playboy/girl by day, but by night you are the fear that strikes the heart of every criminal in the history of ever. Bold, extremely intelligent, and pretty much the best at everything there is to be the best at – Your sense of responsibility to those less fortunate than yourself is only matched by your extreme paranoia and borderline psychosis.

So, who is your alter ego?

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