[EF#7] My Name Is Pedestrian Bridge


menyeberang lewat bawah jembatan

My name pedestrian bridge. I’am intend because the roads getting full by vehicle. My job is to help peoples to cross the street carefully.

I’m feeling so sad, because they’re not  using me. They are enjoying to cross the street pass throught the vehicle. Feel enjoy to risk her life and other people.

And now I just a ornament that overcrowd the street. Getting older and unuseless.

I just want to help, but they just ignore me.


nyebrang jalan

Santai… mobil nabrak gw bakal penyok

32 thoughts on “[EF#7] My Name Is Pedestrian Bridge

  1. Poor bridge *pukpuk bridge*
    Yes, I agree with Mas Dani. People are so ignorant about their own safety. But honestly, I am ignorant about it sometimes, too, as I love to speed up and cross the road wherever I want :haha. Well, I guess I have to concern more about my safety :hehe

  2. Weww. Those people haven’t seen the bridge in Jakarta, especially those which use for TransJakarta Transit. So loooooong. Hahahaha.

    Sometime I also feel tired to use it. But I will see the traffic first, if it’s too dangerous, I will take the bridge.

  3. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb Ferdy… kasihan sama jembatan itu ya, sampai harus curhat sama Ferdy..hehe. Saya malah ketawa membaca semua komentar di atas. Tempat saya tidak ada jembatan seperti itu kerana masih bandar kecil. Maka harus ambil jalan pintas. Salam sejahtera dari Sarikei, Sarawak.

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