[EF#10] My Favorite Indonesian Food

My favorite food is chicken soto a.k.a soto ayam but there is so many types of chicken soto in Indonesia. There is soto lamongan, soto medan, soto banjar, soto kudus, soto padang, soto madura, soto betawi and many more. So, I am confuses which one from those soto is my favorite chicken soto.

The first time I like chicken soup when my mother cook for me. I don’t know what kind chicken soto that my mom serve. The taste is different if I compared with another chicken soto in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, my mom is gone. So, I never eat chicken soto special made by my mother.

Well, for now there is one food which could make me addicted. What is it? “Nasi Bebek Madura” yep, nasi bebek madura I don’t know what should I call for nasi bebek madura in english. This menu is very-very simple I think. There just a slice of duck, black spice khas Madura and a piece of cucumber. You can see at the picture below.

nasi bebek madura

nasi bebek madura taken from my xperia ray

My favorite place to buy nasi bebek madura is on Alun-alun bekasi city nearly Bekasi general hospital (RSUD). Sitting on the floor i’m enjoy every bite of duck meat and looking into the stars, how beautiful night. Unfortunately, I forgote to take a picture of Alun-alun and the “warung nasi bebek madura”

With Rp. 13.000 you can buy one portion nasi bebek madura. If you in Bekasi lets meet up with me eating nasi bebek bekasi and enjoy the alun-alun Bekasi city.

This post is submited on BEC Challenge Share your most favorite Indonesian Cuisine!Sorry for my bad english

19 thoughts on “[EF#10] My Favorite Indonesian Food

  1. Nasi Bebek only $1? Hmmm. Cheap yo.

    I am still confused whether soup and soto are same.

    Btw. Welcome back Fer. I hope you are feeling alright now.

  2. I wish I could eat “bebek” 😦
    my first time eating bebek is bad. it tastes like rubber. hehehe. after that, i prefer not to eat it

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, Mas Ferdy. For me, you do not need to write name of Indonesian cuisine in English. Just call it like Indonesian do. 🙂 Someday, I have to accept your offer. Bekasi. 😀

  4. Duck rice! I first tasted it at my first night in Jakarta as a new employee a year ago–and I can’t tell that I am not love this food. Thank God one street vendor near my staying place here sells it–it makes me relieved already.
    But of course I want to taste that in Bekasi, too, since I just went there only once, several months ago :hihi.

  5. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb, Ferdi… Kalau Nasi Bebek (duck @ Itik) di Malaysia memang jarang dimakan oleh orang Melayu seperti saya kerana tidak dibiasakan dari kecil. Mudahan saya bisa merasainya suatu hari nanti.

    Salam dari Sarikei, Sarawak. 🙂

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