Hello guys, it’s been while after my last post about EF Challenge. I think this is the right time to prove that I still want to learn english. And I feel guilty for not consistently completed the challenge.

Fear is the only reason why I couldn’t finish all the challenge. Because I’m afraid to make mistake. Even on group whatsapp I just became a silent reader.

So, In this year I want to fight my fear and learning english again with BEC. I will do my best.

The theme of the challenge this time is “New year, New Word“. Yeah, The theme is the same as last year.

Last year I choose Act”  and now the word that I choose is “Never give up”. Why I Choose that word? because just “act” is not enought, there will always be a obstacle. So, “Never Give Up” and try my best for it.

“Never Give Up”  is my word. What your’s?